Bakery -Daily 9:30am to Closing

 For anyone who loves French pastry, Bistro La Baguette offers quality baked goods made from scratch. If you can’t fly to Paris, do the next best thing to enjoy and indulge in authentic French baked goods, we use European Butter, Artisan Unbleached Flour and French Chocolate, to have the same authentic taste.

Variety might change daily due to seasonal products and chef daily inspiration to bring and create an assortment of options. 

French Baguette - French Macarons - Coconut Macaroons - Lemon Tart - Apple Tart - Creme Brûlée - Eclairs - Cream Puffs - Paris Brest - Gourmet Chocolates and Truffles - Chocolate Mousse - Our famous French dijon mustard dressing - Christmas Bûche de Noël - Holiday galette des Rois - Cakes: Marquis, Tuxedo Bomb, Three layer chocolate, Raspberry Lemon Drop. - Fruit Tart - Almond Croissant - Butter Croissant - Chocolate Croissant.